A Wedding on The Roller Coaster at the New York New York Casino on the Las Vegas Strip

NY NY roller coaster wedding

If you look at the New York New York casino on the Las Vegas Strip from the street you cannot fail to notice the huge roller coaster that zooms around the outside of the building at 67 miles per hour. The roller coaster will lift you up 203 feet and drop you down 144 feet.

More than one million visitors experience the ride each year. If you love roller coasters this is a great place to get married, and truly unique.

Thrill seekers who desire an exhilarating wedding ceremony at this top speed can have their wedding ceremony on the roller coaster. A morning ceremony costs $600 and an evening ceremony costs $700. This includes your minster. Specific times available differ depending on availability and the time of the week, but times are generally available between 10am and 11am and 11pm to midnight.

The entrance to the roller coaster is on the second level of the casino through an arcade with a Coney Island feel. The roller coaster train fronts are designed to look just like real NYC taxi cabs. A wedding ceremony on the coaster will add a boost of adrenalin to your nuptials, while enjoying towering drops, multiple loop and stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Bare in mind that riders must be at least 54″ tall. Because the ride is outdoors, hours of operation are subject to weather conditions and other circumstances which may suspend service.

For further details or to book your roller coaster wedding contact the New York New York casino on 702 740 6616.

For more information on planning your Las Vegas wedding, email Claire or visit her website. For updates, “like” the Las Vegas Bridesmaid page on Facebook.

NY NY roller coaster

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Kate and James’ Las Vegas Wedding

Kate James Las Vegas Wedding 7

Kate and James travelled from Derby in the United Kingdom to get married in Las Vegas. James had been in the same class as Kate’s older sister at school so they had known of each other for many years before they met properly through friends as adults. They began dating in 2003 and got married just over eight years later.

They got married just five months after having got James popped the questions as a surprise to Kate on Christmas Day. They had been trying to conceive a child and wanted to get married before starting a family.

Kate James Las Vegas Wedding 2

James had always wanted to get married abroad so their first thought was to get married at Lake Garda in Italy. It is a special place to the couples because James had surprised Kate with a holiday there some years previously. It turned out that they would have had to wait over a year to get married there, and, like so many Las Vegas couples before them, they were in a hurry.

Kate James Las Vegas Wedding 3

They had visited Las Vegas before and loved it, so they decided to go with Vegas for their wedding locations. It suited them, because they were eager to get rings on their fingers so that they could start a family.

They had noticed the Chapel of the Flowers on their previous trip to Las Vegas, they both remembered liking the look of it, so there was no competition for them, they went straight to them. They were completely happy with the chapel and would highly recommend it.

Kate James Las Vegas Wedding 6

Their visit was a quick one, they flew in on the Saturday, got married the Wednesday and flew home the following Saturday. They stayed at the MGM Signature. Kate said “I would recommend staying at the Signature if you wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Strip but still be close enough to it.” While they were in Las Vegas they spent plenty of time in the casinos but also managed to visit the Hoover Dam and the Valley of Fire.

Kate James Las Vegas Wedding 5

As many eloping couples do, they felt guilty about having their wedding ceremony without guests. They felt bad that their family could not share the experience with them in person, but they were able to watch it live via webcam. That helped to soften the blow. Kate said that their families were disappointed but understood that they wanted to elope to Vegas for their wedding.

Kate did her own hair and makeup and wore a white halter neck, knee length dress, bought from Coast back in the UK. She had a simple dozen white rose bouquet tied with black ribbon to match the sash on her dress.

Kate James Las Vegas Wedding 4

They had a lovely and relaxing wedding day, a definite plus point of the elopement! They chilled out in their hotel in the morning, had their wedding ceremony at 1pm, then returned to their hotel and had dinner at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in the MGM casino. They loved the food there and it comes with their high recommendations! To top off their special day they went up the Eiffel Tower in the evening to see the strip all beautifully lit up.

Kate James Las Vegas Wedding 1

For more information on planning your Las Vegas wedding, email Claire or visit her website. For updates, “like” the Las Vegas Bridesmaid page on Facebook.

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Skydiving Wedding in Las Vegas

sky diving wedding vegas 2

For couples who really want to take the plunge into married life, they can have a skydiving wedding. Small planes carrying skydiving passengers take off from Las Vegas Airport most days.

There are several skydiving wedding options available. One is to have your ceremony on the ground before you go up in the plane. You wedding guests can watch you take off, then they will be taken out to the dropzone viewing area to witness the couple’s entry into matrimony on solid ground. Another option is to do the jump, then have the ceremony once you have landed and the adrenaline is still pumping.

Vegas Extreme Skydiving has a skydiving preacher who performs ceremonies on a plane as it ascends to jump altitude. Once the couple are married, they jump out of the plane. Again, guests can be waiting for their arrival in the ground.

Complete packages start at $1299. Some packages include flowers for the bride and champagne for all the guests. All skydives come with a DVD of the whole experience, including the dive itself. Photography is an optional extra.

For more information on planning your Las Vegas wedding, email Claire or visit her website. For updates, “like” the Las Vegas Bridesmaid page on Facebook.

sky diving wedding vegas 1

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Silverton Casino Underwater Wedding

Silverton Underwater Wedding 1

Come to the desert and get married underwater! The Silverton is an off-Strip casino, but it’s not far away, just off the I-15. They have a beautiful 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium in the casino. The aquarium is home to 4,000 tropical fish plus stingrays and sharks. The casino holds interactive stingray feedings several times a day. They also have live, human “mermaids” put on an underwater show several times a day from Thursday to Sunday.

The Silverton are offering a package for couples to get married in full scuba gear in this aquarium. Couples must be fully certified scuba divers to do so.

Silverton Underwater Wedding 3

The Silverton is a nice casino, and I can recommend their food. A wedding package with the Silverton can include your officiant, champagne, accommodation, dining, photos and transport to and from the courthouse, to get your license. If you do not have a bridesmaid, don’t worry, they can provide that too, in the form of a mermaid!

For more information on an underwater wedding please call the Silverton Casino on 1 866 668 6688.

For more information on planning your Las Vegas wedding, email Claire or visit her website. For updates, “like” the Las Vegas Bridesmaid page on Facebook.

Silverton Underwater Wedding 2

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Legal Requirements for a Las Vegas Wedding

When planning Las Vegas weddings, a rather frequently asked question from people from outside of the US is what are the legal requirements? What paperwork and ID do I need to bring? If I get married in Vegas, am I only legally married in Vegas? Or the US? How do I make it legal in my country? Here is everything you need to know about the legal requirements to get married in Las Vegas:

The fee for a marriage license is $60. This is payable by cash, cashier’s check, money order and credit card but note that there is an added $5 service charge for credit card transactions.

A man and woman over the age of eighteen may be issued a marriage license in Clark County. People ages sixteen or seventeen may marry if a parent or legal guardian (carrying ID and proof of guardianship of necessary) gives consent in person at the time of application. The couple must be “no nearer of kin than second cousins or cousins of half-blood.”

Same-sex weddings have yet to be recognized in the state of Nevada.

To get your marriage license you will be required to produce proof of name and age.

Acceptable forms of ID are driver’s license, passport, military ID card and other government-issued identification cards. In the unlikely event that you do not hold any of the above, other combinations of identification that have an applicant’s photograph along with an certified birth certificate or social security card may be presented as well. Both members of the couple must appear in person before a clerk at a Marriage License Bureau.

Your Marriage License and therefore also your Certificate will be prepared with your legal name exactly as it appears on the identification presented. For example, if you want your Marriage License to show your full middle name, the ID you present must contain your full middle name.

A marriage license is issued the same day a couple applies.

The closest Marriage License Bureau location to the Strip is in Downtown. You can save a little time by submitting your pre-application online.  This generates a reference number, which you should bring with you to the Marriage Bureau, and you can go to the “Express Window”.

Unlike some US states, Clark County does not require the couple to have a blood test and there is no mandatory waiting period between getting the license and having the wedding ceremony.

If you have been married before, your divorce must be final in the state where granted. The date of the final decree and city and state where granted are required to obtain your marriage license. Widowed applicants are required to list the date they were widowed and the city and state. You will not need to bring a copy of the death certificate.
Couples from outside the United States can be legally married in Las Vegas. Most countries will need a certified copy of your marriage certificate and an Apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State. If your home government authorities require a copy of the marriage license, you may purchase a certified copy of the Affidavit of Issuance of Marriage License when you come to the Marriage License Bureau. This document contains information not listed on the marriage certificate such as parent’s names and parent’s places of birth. The marriage certificate costs $10 and the Apostille costs $20. When you obtain your marriage license ask for the Nevada Secretary of State to send the Apostille and certified marriage certificate copy directly to your government for you.

For more information on planning your Las Vegas wedding, email Claire or visit her website. For updates, “like” the Las Vegas Bridesmaid page on Facebook.

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Rachel Simpson Shoes and Las Vegas Bridesmaid Giveaway


I am very excited to announce that this blog, in alliance with the Central Park Weddings blog, will be giving away one pair of beautiful Rachel Simpson shoes this month. Visit her website and browse through her collection of gorgeous shoes. Then, just comment in the box below on this blog, or post a comment to our Facebook wall, and tell us which pair of Rachel Simpson shoes you like the most.  You could win that pair.

Please share this giveaway with your friends. We will put the names of all those who enter into a hat and draw a winner at random on the 28th February. Be sure to enter your email address if you enter in the comment box below, and remember to check our Facebook page on the 1st March, because that is when we will announce our winner. We will contact the winner to check her size and mailing address.

Rachel Simpson is based in Birmingham in England, where she designs her shoes. They are beautifully manufactured in a family run factory in Spain. Every shoe is cut, stitched and constructed by hand by experienced craftspeople using highly specialized machines for the more structural processes such as attaching heels and soles.


Sizes run from a UK size 2 (European 35, US 4) up to a UK size 9 (European 43, US 11). Rachel uses only high grade leathers and beautiful satins. All styles are fully leather lined with leather soles for maximum comfort.

Rachel has stockists all over the UK and some in Ireland and mainland Europe. Click here for more information on stockists. Rachel ships internationally. This prize draw is open worldwide, we will ship your prize pair of shoes to you, no matter where you live.

She has a wide selection of heels and flats, white, pastel, black, silver and gold shoes. Please share this giveaway with your friends. All you have to do to win a pair of these exquisite shoes is go to the website and browse through the many choices. Then comment in the box below on this blog, or “like” us on Facebook then write on our Facebook wall, and tell us which pair of Rachel Simpson shoes you want to win.  You could win that pair.  You don’t even have to be getting married in the near future to win!


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Top Ten Tips for a Las Vegas Wedding

In my business of planning weddings in Las Vegas I am often asked what my suggestions are to get the most out of a Las Vegas wedding.

1) The Weather – Before making the hotel reservations for your wedding in Las Vegas, check the normal weather for that time of year. Daytime in July and August can bring hot sun and occasional heavy storms, but evenings are a nice temperature. It may be the desert, but we do have Winter, an outdoor wedding in January would be a little on the chilly side.

2) The legalities – OK, Las Vegas is home of the quickie wedding, but a Vegas wedding is still legally binding. Make sure you are of legal age and you have your photo ID with proof of name and age, and the fee for the license.

3) The Photographer – Most of the chapels offer an hour or so of photography in the chapel as part of their package. If you are lucky, this may include a trip to the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Consider booking some time with a professional photographer for another couple of hours. Walk around the Glitter Gulch of Fremont Street or pose on the Strip at night or during the day, or go out to the beautiful Red Rock Canyon. Be more original and get some exciting wedding photographs that you can enjoy for years to come.

4) The Dress – Many brides spend lots of time and money choosing a dress back home, then packing it up and bringing it with them to Las Vegas. However, not everyone wants to spend lots of money on a dress that they will never wear again, so why not take advantage of being in the wedding capital of the world, and choose from one of the very many dress rental places in town?

5) The Hair and Makeup – Some brides choose to have their hair and makeup done professionally for their wedding day. A lot of the casinos offer this service to their guests, but at a very high price. Some of the local, off-Strip salons will also come to your room for this, and charge much less. Consider having a trial at home before you come out to Vegas and takes lots of pictures, and be sure to book in advance for your Vegas trip.

6) Witnesses – Many couples elope to Las Vegas alone to get married. If you do make the trip just the two of you, then be sure to find a witness for the ceremony, or check with you chapel that they can provide one.

7) The celebrant – If you choose a wedding chapel in a Las Vegas Strip casino or Downtown then it is likely that they will provide their own officiant, and they will perform a standard ceremony. They can usually offer civil or religious ceremonies. If you want a more personal ceremony, consider a more off-the-beaten-track location and talk to your celebrant beforehand.

8) The Time – So many people come to Las Vegas to get married, that the chapels often have several bookings per day. This is especially true on weekends and during busy periods. Consider coming out of season and/or midweek to have a more leisurely ceremony.

9) The Breakfast – If you are getting married in Las Vegas, take advantage of the vast choice of incredible restaurants it has to offer. There is nowhere quite like Vegas when it comes to eating out, so be sure to make reservations somewhere classy with delicious food.

10) Special days and holidays – You may well want a memorable date for your wedding anniversary, but bare in mind that many other couples want that, too. Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve are very popular dates all over the world. In Vegas, that can mean waiting in line at chapels, and having to hurry along your ceremony so that others can fit in.

For more information on planning your Las Vegas wedding, email Claire or visit her website. For updates, “like” the Las Vegas Bridesmaid page on Facebook.

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